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Strongur STGCCRFID RFID Credit Card Sleeve - 4 pack


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  • Use these sleeves with all your credit, debit, access control, and government issued identification cards. Information taken by a wireless identity thief may include your account information, name, address, phone, Social Security Number, or employee data.
  • Don't let an RFID thief make even a single purchase with your stolen card information. There are many ways thieves go after your credit data. These simple card sleeves stop their getting yours from just walking by their scanner.
  • Driver's licenses and state ID cards have RFID chips in them. Ensure your identity is kept private with an RFID blocking sleeve.

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Visa | MasterCard | PayPal accepted
Visa | MasterCard | PayPal accepted

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Don't be a victim. Protect yourself and your family against RFID theft. These RFID blocking card sleeves are thin, to fit in most wallets, while blocking RFID scanners from stealing card data. Something so simple and effective.


  • Easily fits into your wallet
  • Digital scanner resistant
  • Protect ID and credit cards from hackers and digital theft